I will preface this post with me virtually yelling…”I WAS SO STOKED WHEN LEAH + JUSTIN TOOK ME UP ON THE IDEA OF SHOOTING AT SUTRO BATHS!”

Okay. Now that my silly excited statement is out of the way…I will continue. When Aaron and I first Facetimed Leah + Justin about their 2017 wedding in Lake Tahoe, we instantly fell in love with them. These two are exceptionally nice, genuine, sweet, had great senses of humor…just all around awesome people. When they asked us to shoot their wedding…we were thrilled. We made a date to take their engagement photos months and months in advance. When the date rolled around I could barely contain my excitement. Justin + Leah met us RIDICULOUSLY early on an October morning (and by ridiculously early…I mean…the sun hand’t come out yet and fog was still hovering above the ocean) for their engagement session. We ventured around Sutro Baths and took a little hike into the Muir Woods (see unreal light peeking through the trees in the subsequent photos – high five, mother nature!) to snap some photos of these lovebirds. Leah + Justin were naturals in front of the cameras. We had a great time frolicking around with these rad folks and can’t wait for their 2017 nuptials.

Oh…did I mention…this is a tandem hybrid engagement shoot (film + digital = MAGIC!)


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